M Series Sleep Systems

We believe the future of sleep therapy lies in products that make it easier for patients to take control of their sleep apnea – and make it easier for healthcare professionals to help them achieve that goal. That is why we’ve redesigned the entire family of M Series sleep therapy systems to give patients more of what they want without taking away anything healthcare providers need. The result is a family of devices that’s easy to use, in tune with patients’ lifestyles, and still delivers superior therapy – thanks to the C-Flex waveform.

We invite you to experience the special features of the new M Series Sleep System starting with the small and sleek design that has true consumer appeal. The patient-friendly functions include lighted touch controls for on/off, ramp and C-Flex, and a covered LCD display and controls for advanced reporting and setup.

The redesigned humidification chamber features a new easy-turn dial for easy adjustment in the dark, and a new “hidden” water chamber that is easier to remove, fill and replace.

All of these platform improvements are made even better with the proven patient comfort of C-Flex. Patients prefer C-Flex over traditional therapy, and they use it longer – up to 1 hour and 42 minutes longer everynight. Plus, patients report better quality sleep with C-Flex. Therapy that patients prefer and use longer is good for everyone involved.

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M Series Sleep Systems

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