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The unfortunate reality is that with all of the laws, rules, regulations and complex requirements imposed by Medicare and Insurance companies, many people “fall through the cracks.”  Many people are in dire need of home medical equipment for a variety of medically necessary reasons and simply cannot wait for the lengthy process to play out. Others may have serious conditions, but for some reason have been denied benefits. It’s often very unfair, even unjust. We see this happen literally every day! It’s heartbreaking.

Whatever the reasons may be, the fact is that many people are doing without the home medical equipment they need for assistance or, to make them more comfortable with their everyday living.


We were compelled to help more. We put together a “store-full”  of commonly needed items from top-quality medical equipment manufacturers. We contained our costs and priced them as low as possible to make them affordable for you or your loved ones. We have made these items attainable for those who need them, and... without the “Red-Tape” and delays.

SHOP Diamond Direct was created to enable those who desire to get the home medical equipment that they or their loved ones need.
Affordable, Quick, and Easy!

SHOP around our online store. Order with ease on our secure site. Do you have some questions or need some assistance? Our friendly staff of experts are waiting to help. Just give us a call at 480-926-4363 or use our secure contact page.

SHOP Diamond Direct

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