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Wheelchair Cushions and Accessories

Diamond Medical Equipment offers a wide variety of seat and back cushions that improves your comfort and protects your skin integrity when in a wheelchair, or in your car.  We also sell a portable uplift seat cushion that assists you to stand to a seated position. Buy direct from our warehouse with exceptional pricing.

  • Uplift Premium Seat Assist (Plus) Uplift Premium Seat Assist (Plus)

    Uplift Premium Seat Assist (Plus)

    The highly portable Uplift Premium lifting seat provides up to 70% assistance without electricity for those up to 350 lbs. The Uplift Premium Seat Assist is powered by a hydro-pneumatic gas spring and uses no batteries or electricity. Weighing just 9...

    MSRP: $193.20
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  • Foam Wheelchair Cushion with Nylon Cover

    Foam Wheelchair Cushion with Nylon Cover

    Our Foam Wheelchair Cushions are perfect for stabilizing and supporting the body. Made of high quality foam that will contour to the seating area for extra comfort and proper positioning. Designed for patients who are at low risk for skin breakdown. All...

    MSRP: $25.95
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  • Roscoe Wheelchair Foam Back Cushions

    Roscoe Wheelchair Foam Back Cushions

    The Roscoe Wheelchair Back Cushion is perfect for people that are confined to a wheelchair because it provides complete lumbar support. Our cushion is made from high quality foam and will conform to the human spinal curvature. Designed to improve seating...

    $49.95 - $59.95
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  • Star Air Cell Cushions Star Air Cell Cushions

    Star Air Cell Cushions

    Individual air cells adjust to the patient's body contour Flame-retardant, latex-free neoprene rubber Comes with washable, all-way stretch cover Hand pump for inflation 2 year warranty   Specifications  Cover Type Washable...

    $349.95 - $525.95
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  • EquaGel Contour Cushions

    EquaGel Contour Cushions

    Our contour cushions allow proper positioning of legs and hips while optimizing surface area Precision contour for stability and coccyx relief 2" (5 cm) thick The revolutionary grid structure is both soft and supportive, and it continually adjusts...

    $324.95 - $344.95
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