5 Position Bariatric Expanda-Bed

The new ExpandaCare Bariatric Bed adjusts from its full mattress width of 54" to 39.5" in less than one minute. This allows it to pass through doorways and elevator entries as narrow as 40", resulting in fewer transfers and less chance of injury for both you and your patient. This is the only true transport bed with 1,000 lb. capacity and adjustable width up to 54". This deluxe comfort bed features head elevation, foot elevation, Trendelenberg position, seat up and down, and adjustable bed height.

The ExpandaCare Transport Bed is delivered with the main frame assembled and can accommodate lateral rotation mattresses up to 54". Single button cardiac chair position and single button return to supine are provided for quicker patient access. Single button Trendelenberg operation may be used without having the bed either fully up or fully down. Plus, you will never have to crawl under the bed to flip a Trendelenberg switch. It is also emergency situation ready.

Steer-Lock and Total casters are positioned for safety, stability, and easy maneuverability. Optional scale system in Model #3954-S provides accurate patient weights at the touch of a button, no matter the position of the patient or the bed. Optional trapeze also offered.